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We built Diaconia on three pillars - clients, colleagues, and community
Our people are visionaries who aren’t afraid to take risks to solve our client’s complex problems. But it’s not just about the work - at Diaconia, we believe that giving back to both our employees and our community is an investment in the future of our industry.
Through participation in partnership programs like M.A.P., our employees are given an avenue to share their skills and knowledge and empower their communities through their work.

Your Path
with Diaconia

Our People
Our ideal candidates embrace diverse thinking, constantly seek better ideas, take ownership, and exhibit the intellectual curiosity that creates excitement around new solutions to customer problems
Our Approach
We’ve all been through the hiring process - on both sides of the table. We know the anticipation, and we know the frustration. While we can’t hire every candidate, we promise to respond to every submission, so you’ll never be left wondering “Did they even read my resume?”
Our Commitment
A job offer from Diaconia pledges our resources, time, and best efforts to ensure a real career path, real opportunities, and an unwavering commitment to our associates’ growth and happiness.

The Diaconia
Hierarchy of Needs


Because everybody’s got to eat, we offer competitive pay, 401K matching, spot bonuses, Best in Class benefits coverage, 3 weeks of vacation, Disability Insurance, Non-Profit Support perks and remote work support


Resilience and permanence matter. Nobody wants to join a company that will be acquired - or worse, fold - the next week. Diaconia is not for sale, but we do have an incredible rolodex of clients who love our work.


We hire people for their ideas, contributions, and passion. We don’t want you to waste away behind a desk - which is why you’ll have a mentor advocating for you and ensuring that you’re supported through teamwork, feedback, and communication.


We believe that growth matters. Our education, training, and career advancement process commit real dollars to associates who want to further their degree, learn new skills, or even switch career paths.


We aspire to be a high performing team invested in outcomes, motivated to achieve more, and committed to challenging assumptions and disrupting stale thinking.

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